ARKTIS furniture


Timo Saarnio


Interior architect Timo Saarnio was born in Helsinki in 1944. After ten years of work in architects’ offices, he opened his own interior design office in 1982. He also started to participate in furniture design competitions with great success. This was the beginning of his career as a furniture designer. Timo has collaborated with well-known international furniture companies. Minimalism is the essential factor in his design, which means clear constructions and production processes. The prize-winning Una chair, designed in 1994 for P.O.Korhonen Oy, is a good example of his work. It is simply made out of just one plywood component, without any joints.

“Minimalism is the essential factor in my design. It means clear constructions and production processes.”

– Timo Saarnio

Mikko Halonen


Mikko Halonen (born 1976) studied furniture design at Lahti Institute of Design and received a Master’s degree in Furniture and Spatial Design from Aalto University in 2010. In 2000 he spent a term in London studying at Kingston University’s School of 3D Design.

Since 2002 Mikko Halonen has worked as a freelancer designer for many companies in Finland, such as Martela Oyj and P.O.Korhonen Oy as well as the Swedish design company Hem Furniture.

His collaboration with several Japanese companies, including Conde House, started with his successful competition entries for the IFDA Asahikawa furniture competition in 2011. He was awarded the IFDA Asahikawa Gold Leaf prize for his Korento chair in 2017. Mikko Halonen’s designs combine everyday functionality with an approachable form. 

“My aim is to design timeless furniture in which functionality is combined with an approachable form.”

-Mikko Halonen

Kari Asikainen


Interior architect Kari Asikainen (born 1939) started his furniture design work collaborating with Korhonen (later P.O.Korhonen Oy) and in 1969, Asikainen’s first chair, “Kari 1”, went into production. In total, the Kari product range has produced over one million pieces. In addition to the Kari series, “Scheletro”, “Pikku Kari” for nurseries, “Carbonara”, a very light reinforced carbon fibre chair, and the “Salus” collection, for older people and those with disabilities, are representative of his work.

“A piece of furniture is a not a piece of art but an object for use. However, it should still be beautiful in its form.”

-Kari Asikainen

Jouni Leino

Jouni Leino (born 1961) founded his design studio in 1992 after graduating the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, and since then he has worked as an interior and furniture designer for various Finnish and international brands. He has also worked as a lecturer for example in Helsinki University of Art and Design and Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation.

In recent years, Jouni Leino has been internationally recognized: His designs have been awarded prizes like the Muuuz International design Award in 2015 and the Silver A Design Award in 2018. Jouni’s designs are known for his innovative and technically intelligent style.