ARKTIS furniture

HAI Chair

design by Jouni Leino

Hai Chair

Design Jouni Leino

The HAI collection is designed for spaces in which you work, discuss, study or spend time relaxing. The HAI sofa is comfortable to sit in at bar height. The table’s table top is a diamond shape, which makes it easier to sit and stand up from the sofa or chair. It’s pleasant to talk around the HAI collection when everyone, sitting or standing, are able to keep eye contact. This makes the interaction relaxed and there’s no need to stand up if a passer-by stops for a moment to talk with their colleagues sitting at the HAI collection. The HAI collection includes a sofa, a chair and a table in a standard size. Each piece is available in both steel and wooden frames. The upholstery can be made to fit the interior design plan. The table top is compact laminate as standard.